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Balcom Implement UDLX #310533 was Stolen in 1964, returned in 2007, and restored in 2008 by Jay, Jon, Jeff, and Lynda Balcom in honor of Lynnie Balcom who passed away on April 27, 2007.

Original picture back in 1963 on the Balcom Implement lot in Fairmont.

Balcom Implement 2008

Fairmont Interlaken Heritage Days Parade 2010

Before Fairmont Interlaken Heritage Days Parade 2010

UDLX Leaves the Martin County Impound August 28, 2007

Restoration Starts at Balcom Implement

Restoration Start

New axel seals

New rims and tires

Jay sanded and painted

Dan Painting red

Jon, Jay, Jeff & Dan

Jeff burns out Jon's Grinder oops

American Glass for windows

Jeff's sheet metal work

Cousin Seth and Jeff

Chrome Nut Caps

Uncle Don and Aunt Alice

Jeff & Jay 10/19/2008

Jay took her for a madien voyage Odometer and speedometer still function 44,132 miles and counting

Herculined the cab by Lynda (Balcom) Stauter

Keep the original Balcom Implement Stencil

Restoration Finished October 21, 2008

Seats Upholstered by Aunt Alice Barnes. Very Nice