Iíll have a New Meter Pole Next Christmas


Iíll have a new meter pole next Christmas

Next Christmas Iíll have electricity

Iíll have a new meter pole next Christmas

And Benco will install it for free.

Last fall the meter pole was leaning

From a strong windy Thanksgiving Day

Alliant Energy came and checked it out

And said $747.00 dollars I would have to Pay.


I strapped the meter pole to my tractor

A 335 Minneapolis Moline

I called the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

And they did nothing for me.


Soon Alliant disconnected the power

Leaving me Powerless Balc

And when I plugged the A-Hole with a Balc-()-Meter

Did I see a reindeer or and Elk.


Well it must have been a reindeer since the letter I received

Read. Benco Electric was taking over 2014

And in that joyous moment I shouted out with glee

The good Lord has Mercy

And in Santa I believed.

Chorus 2x