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MM PGR Evansville, IN 2010 Winter


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Indoor displays

Jon, Jay, Jeff Balcom

Balcom Brothers at the Indoor display next to a M670 Super

Balc "Best Looking Visitor with Cauliflower ears" Kelly "Best looking Flanders Electric Employee". Flanders Electric Tour

100 ton crane at Flanders plant

PGR Group at the Flanders plant in front of a huge armature

Stahls Collection

Mike Thomas Collection

Don Downen Collection

Waiting for a barge

Balc's Directions home. Ran out of road and had to ferry across HWY 96 in Illinois. Illinois River

Jon and J.C. Grissom local entertainer "The Notorious Night Crawler" in front of us chat while waiting for the barge to cross and ferry to come get us

The Ferry

Jon Balcom with his new Dodge pickup on the ferry with less then 7000 miles on it. Crossing the Illinois river to Kampsville, IL. It floats well.

Next trip I should pack life jackets just in case I navigate the Balcom Brothers to another ferry crossing.