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MM PGR Show Minooka, IL 2008


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Anna and Darren Balcom on the shuttle sitting next to the guy that had a Rocky & Bullwinkle shirt with the Lion coming out of the hat. lol Darrren meditated and imagines the show in his mind. "I am getting a vibe Tractors Gold a big guy named Leroy driving a Scooter...."

Nice 1/2 Scale R custom made

Darrens vision "Leroy on a Scooter" Amazing :)

Gold Tractors

Very nice instructional engine

Moline Built some Massey models too.

Dan Stauter, Anna Balcom, Show Scarecrow, Darren Balcom, Judy Balcom (Grandma), Balc (Uncle Jeff)

Hmm a 5'7 or taller non-smoking scarecrow for Uncle Jeff. I bet she is good in the garden too. lol :)











Yep I wanted to sit next to the scarecrow after all she was 5'7 or taller and a non smoker, she would probably work well in my garden too. :)

Anna emmulates the Titanic Movie while on Noah Ark at the show grounds. "I'm on top of the World"

Minnesota people are Giants in Illinois. Dan is almost as big as the Church he is about to enter.

Look close you will see a Deer inbetween the trucks in the background. Amazing since we were right next to Hwy 55 and 40 miles from Chicago.

Coming back we drove through the edge of a storm around Cedar Falls, IA In the pictures you can see a huge cloud bank to the South and clear skies and sunshine to the northwest. We stopped and took some rainbow pictures. Lynnie (Dad) had a rainbow on his cards and said the "Gold tractors are at the end of the rainbow" I guess he is up in heaven spoting them out yet.

Anna covering up her I pod headphones with her hood.

Uncle Jeff driving while Anna shoots a picture. "Anna turn your Ipod off we are traveling." " Darren shut off the PSP. "