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MMCI Winter Show 2011.  Pittsburg, Kansas


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Pittsburg, Kansas Show Site Anna, Darren Balcom

Jay, Jon, Jeff Balcom

Dan holds the tail pipe while Delbert wires it with MM baling wire

Jay at a Flea Market

Welter's Farm Equipment , Verona, MO

Ed Welters chatting with the Balcom's

Kalib Kingsley Collection Miller, MO

Kalib Kingsley's 3 stack A4T

Jon, Jay and Jeff Balcom, Kalib Kingsley

Studebaker Pickup

Anna and Jon Balcom at Kingsley Inernational Airport

This plane uses 46 gallons of fuel per hour

Brett the flight instructor, Balc, Anna

Anna and Darren sit in the plane

1939 2 seater Brett took Anna up in for her first flight